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build & rehab


  • Condo & House Remodeling
  • Window Repair & Replacement
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Plumbing Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Major Home Construction
  • Flooring & Roofing
  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Stucco & Drywall
  • Retail & Office Build-outs
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation


Home & Commercial New Build

If you have visualized the space of your dreams or need support creating it, we accompany you throughout the process, from the design of the structure to the selection of materials and the control of your budget, in a way that suits your projections.
At BUILD AND REHAB we are committed to quality and responsibility, so you will have the key to your residence or office space at the previously agreed time and you will enjoy a top notch finished construction. One in iwhich every detail has been carefully taken care of and where you, your family or co-workers will feel great.



At BUILD AND REHAB we can help you add new spaces and reach the level of comfort you need in your home or office. We build your required facilities the necessary extensions or changes and providing ideas to make the work we carry out add value to the property.
We can build an extra room, an additional floor, an office or a garage attached to your office. Our team gathers the necessary skills required to complete projects of this magnitude.



You may be thinking that your home or office needs updating. Our BUILD AND REHAB team will present you proposals for the different spaces that include innovative designs and materials and latest technology that adapt to your needs or lifestyle, ensuring the functionality, comfort and luxury finishes in each of the spaces to be remodeled. For this, we have the best and most experienced designers of interior spaces.



When we develop restoration projects, our professional experts focus on recovering and enhancing the original elements, those that stand out and give that unique character to your property, and at the same time, retaining the functionality, distribution and comfort it has for the moment. By delegating your restoration project with us, both the integrity of your property and your investment, are assured.